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Emotional Health: In Nursing, What to Do When a Resident Feels Scared, Anxious or Excessively Worried

The nursing mission would mandate that, when appropriate, you should help the resident understand that fear and worries are appropriate responses in some situations and can even be life saving! They serve a purpose in life, and become a problem only when they begin to interfere with one’s daily functioning. Here is a check-list that… Read More »

Making pizza on a barbecue grill

It’s summer and no one wants to heat up the kitchen by having the oven on at 450 degrees. But sometimes you want a pizza, and chances are the pizza you make yourself will be better than a pizza that you can get delivered. If you need new ideas for your next pizza, then check… Read More »

Rustic Vegetarian Pizza Recipe

Rustic style meal recipes are in great demand, and rustic style pizzas are favorites for delicious products which combine healthier, better quality ingredients to bring back the natural flavor of foods, pizzas included, without the heaviness and prompter fullness achieved thanks to meat toppings. Rustic pizzas with whole wheat crust are definitely healthy owing to… Read More »

Measuring the Internet Brand Effect

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make any noise? Or, reworded for this audience: When a banner ad is served and no one clicks on it, does it have any effect? Until recently, the answer would be a collective shrug. But with strides in… Read More »

Individualized Supports Info Center

NYSACRA’s strategic plan calls for exploration of new service paradigms as part of its overall goal to shape the industry, by helping agencies to develop individualized services and supports.  NYSACRA participates in a variety of activities to help make quality, customer-directed supports available to more people with developmental disabilities. Learning Institute Individualized Shared Living Stakeholder… Read More »

Most Common Eye Diseases Revealed

Millions of  people all over the globe suffer from eye diseases. Some of these conditions, when caught early are easily treatable with the proper combination of drugs as well as other corrective measures. The leading cause of blindness is primarily age-related eye conditions such as cataract, macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Refractive Errors Refractive… Read More »

Service Dogs Assist Handicapped in Many Ways

Dogs can be trained to perform a multitude of tasks to assist their disabled owners. Many trainers rescue mixed-breed shelter dogs. Once used only as guide dogs for the blind, service dogs now assist not only sight-impaired owners, but individuals with impaired hearing, mobility issues, autism, seizures, and a wide variety of other disabilities, including… Read More »

Tips for Caregiver and Parent Attending Disability Meetings

Attending a meeting on behalf of a disabled individual is a daunting task. Annual meetings are held to determine services, reevaluate educational goals, discuss results of evaluations or to decide on a course of treatment. These meetings are often very hard on caregivers (parents) as they can directly impact the course of both the lives… Read More »

Meditation for a Healthier and Happier Life

Meditation has been proven in hundreds of unrelated scientific studies across the globe to have significant benefits to health, happiness, learning, creativity, and elimination of stress, anger, and substance abuse. Health Benefits of Meditation Meditation offers many health benefits for all types of ailments and diseases, including both physical and psychological ailments. Some of the… Read More »